the salary of a Japan Aircraft mechanic.

I will talk about the salary of a Japan Aircraft mechanic.


When you aim to become an aviation mechanic, I think the salary is of concern.


The first premise is which mechanic you want to be.

① Airline head office mechanic

② Airline subsidiary mechanic

③ Used business company mechanic

④ Government mechanic

⑤ Press machine mechanic

Salaries are completely different between ① and ⑤.


In short, the average salary of an aviation mechanic is said to be about 6 million at the age of 40, which is low for responsible work. Moreover, this is limited to ① and ④, and ② is lower.

③ is the salary of the public servant.


I think the order is ⑤> ①> ④> ②> ③.

⑤ is more than 8 million on average

① is 7.5 million on average

④ is 6 million on average

② is an average of 5.5 million

③ is 4.5 million on average

What a place, such as.


So I hope you can think about which road to take, including your salary.


It's a tough job, but even if it's a dream, if you're on a small salary, you'll hate your job. I'll definitely hate it (laughs because I was the same).